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Pipe Tools Take The Pressure Off For Gas And Water Pipe Work

Martin McCormack has been working on gas installations for 18 years and knows a good pipe tool when he sees one. For much of his career, Martin has used Pipeslice pipe cutters and had no hesitation in trying out Kopex’s PipePrep tool when it appeared on the market, a product he describes as having ‘no comparison’.

When he started up MJM Gas Services three years ago, Martin McCormack’s first investment was in a pair of Pipeslice tools, for 15mm and 22mm pipe, to cope with most of his day-to-day work. “Quite apart from the ease of use and the ability to cut pipe in confined spaces, the durability of the Pipeslice is incredible,” he says. “In more than three years of solid use, I have yet to change a cutting blade.” Martin also cites the speed of cutting, without having to screw the blade onto the copper pipe, as a major advantage over other pipe cutters.

So, when he saw the 28mm version available, Martin was one of the first to purchase the product, a decision he celebrated almost immediately. “Despite needing to cut 28mm pipe only occasionally, I recouped the investment on the very first job, saving enough time to pay for the tool,” he enthuses.

With gas and water pipes for central heating, it is important to prepare pipes correctly and consistently for long-lasting joints with integrity and to prevent burrs and material that may restrict flow or even contaminate the system. The introduction of PipePrep, copper pipe preparation tools from Kopex, was another windfall for Martin McCormack. “I saw the product when it won the CORGI award in 2006 and immediately I could see the benefits.”

Martin bought the 15mm and 22mm versions and has saved time and money with reliable preparations that provide excellent joints. He particularly appreciates the PipePrep’s ability to correct out-of-round pipe forms and thus prevent ill-fitting joins, something that could otherwise go unnoticed. “For the price, Kopex Pipe Tools are incomparable, there is nothing like them for reliably and quickly doing the job perfectly every time”.

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