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Precision Plumbing Means Time And Cost Savings For Cockburns

Few things are as important to a tradesman as his tools, an adage close to the heart of Ian Cockburn, an experienced plumber and heating engineer. Kopex pipe tools, PipeSlice and Pipe-prep, have made his work easier and the results more consistent.

Cockburn Services of Cheltenham, formed after Ian’s redundancy prompted him to forge a career doing what he enjoyed, has been serving Gloucestershire for almost a quarter of a century. Offering a high quality service, the company strives to leave customers with the best finish and the most efficient, trouble-free systems. He is justifiably proud of his reputation and takes care to ensure that his work is clean, effective and tidy.

Ian has been using Kopex PipeSlice, in 15 and 22mm sizes, for more than ten years. The decision has made a big difference to Ian’s work, making accurate cutting easier and more consistent, with near-elimination of waste due to incorrect pipe lengths and reduction in time taken in rectifying pipe cutting errors. “A precise cut is immensely important for a number of reasons,” says Ian, “With PipeSlice I can position the cutter in exactly the right position and I get a right-angled cut every time.” The introduction, two years ago, of the 28mm PipeSlice drew an initially, and typically, cautious reaction from Ian but he purchased the tool and enthuses, “The 28mm tool is deceptively light but just as accurate as the smaller models.”

His enthusiasm for Kopex Pipe Tools encouraged Ian Cockburn to add the award-winning Pipe-prep to his toolbox. “An efficient cut can leave a sharp edge and a sawn pipe can be misshapen so I saw the potential benefits immediately,” he continues. Pipe-prep is a simple device that, with a few twists of the wrist, removes burrs, contaminants and oxidisation from copper pipe while correcting out-of-roundness and preparing the pipe for joining. “Pipe-prep is a great idea and the biggest advantage, for me, is the improvement of flow and reduction in system noise that you get from smoothing out the edges and corners.” Ian also points to the fact that consistent and accurate pipe joints mean fewer call-outs and improved margins – not to mention happier customers.

His set of Kopex Pipe Tools should, states Mr Cockburn, be ‘a part of every plumbers tool kit’. He believes the brand is one of the few that actually lives up to its reputation. The combination of PipeSlice and Pipe-prep help, more than anything else, to get the job right first time and to leave his Gloucestershire customers satisfied.

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